Jawad Shah
Jawad Shah

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Introduction of Jawad Shah

Hello guys, Thank for landing on my about page and honestly, I’m feeling so glad that you want to know something about me. Myself is Jawad Shah. I’m from Pakistan my native hometown is Karachi (The City Of Lights).

I am a Computer Science Graduate, Blogger, Freelancer, Affiliate Marketer, Web-Developer, WordPress Expert, and founder of iamjawadshah.com

Activities & Hobbies

Programming, developing websites and blogging are sublime activities of mine.
Reading books is one of the prodigious hobbies of mine. I also love to play football and am anxious to discover new technologies in the I.T industry.

Purpose Of Blog

iamjawadshah.com is a blog which is focused on the latest technology news, Health and Fitness, travelling views and reviews about products/services related to Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Freelancing, Web development, Web Hosting, Advertisement etc.  The purpose behind this blog just want to help people as much I can in this blog I just transformed my best thoughts and knowledge into words to actually help you! To keep people abreast with the latest innovations, to keep them updated regarding new discoveries, to share with people informative material!

Final Words

Well, thank you so much for reading about Jawad Shah and I guess it is enough of an introduction. if you want to get latest updates you can follow me on below links:

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If you need support or any queries like want to give your valuable Feedback or any  Complaint,
so kindly please email at contact@iamjawadshah.com.I’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards!

Jawad Shah

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